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Why Epoq?

  • Trusted: by over 60 UK brands, including Which?, Thomson Reuters, PwC, Direct Line, MORE TH>N and Slater+ Gordon Lawyers
  • Proven: to have successfully integrated over 100 legal services websites and, on average, 500,000+ legal documents are created every year using our systems
  • Unique: is how we describe our method of delivering legal services - no other provider can match the simplicity yet comprehensiveness of our legal document preparation system
  • Attuned: to the needs of both our brand partners and the end users of our services
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Whitepapers and case studies

Value Add Legal Services - Retail Banking

Banks are going to have to fight harder than ever for the customer relationship – or risk becoming a utility

Value Add Legal Services - Insurance

There are many key moments during a policyholder’s life when their insurance and legal needs converge

Slater + Gordon Lawyers case study

Law firms need to reduce their cost-to-serve and increase their bottom line if they are to compete in the current economic climate